Route 2 – Grantham Canal and Cotgrave

This route crosses the A46 twice. The road has been substantially upgraded and both crossings are considerably safer. Outbound the route is unchanged but the A46 underpass has been widened, the headroom has been increased and the surface improved.
On the return journey you need to take a small detour because there is no gap in the central reservation. This was always a nightmare of a crossing so the detour is a massive improvement. Leaving the canal continue up Herrywell Lane as described in the book. Climb up through the wood and then descent towards the A46. 100yards from this noisy road you will find the route ahead diverted to the right along a wide stony track. Follow this to Owthorpe Road and then turn left to follow the cycle track across the A46. On the other side of the bridge take the road on your left that doubles back to run parallel with the dual carriageway. After 100 yards you will find a signed bridleway on your right that ascends into Cotgrave Forrest. This is the continuation of Herrywell lane and you are back on the original route as described in the book.