Route 4 – Trent Valley to Grantham Canal

The A453 road works have closed the overbridge at Thrumpton. Do not attempt to cross the main road or enter the road works. A short detour will get you safely across this busy road.

As you leave Thrumpton you will come to a T-junction at Wood Farm. Turn right and go up the hill in front of you. As you go over the crest you will see the power station directly in front of you. Descend towards it and then turn left at the bottom of the hill to go under the A453. After the underpass you will come to a roundabout. On the other side of it there is a stone track signed to Hillside Cottage. It is easy to spot because of the new wooden fences on either side of it. Take this track up the hill with the A453 slip road on your left. Go over the hill and descend to the flat section in front of you. Turn right towards the building on your right and follow the bridleway that goes behind it which ascends into Gotham Hill Wood.